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USD$100 Billion

This is the cost individuals bear every year due to indentity frauds.


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KYC, KYB, AML & Identity High Value Transactions Loans/Mortgages Insurance


Candidate Application & Screening - KYE


Renting Buying & Selling a House Mortgage Transfer

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Passenger Info & Booking Visas


Switching Suppliers House Moves


Switching Suppliers House Moves

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Gaming Age restricted products


Heliocor has two products which integrate seamlessly to create an end-to-end ecosystem


A real-time Monitoring, Alerting & Reporting platform providing Cross Asset Class and Cross Regulation surveillance, integrated into a single platform.


A mobile app, based on Ethereum Blockchain, which captures, stores and securely shares official ID documents and other personal documents. Available in the App and Play stores.

Creating an end-to-end Digital Identity Ecosystem:

When combined, the two integrated products become a solution which create a Digital Identity Ecosystem to protect both institutions and individuals against identity theft and fraud.

The two technology solutions reinforce each other. As one platform’s adoption increases, it turbocharges the adoption of the other platform. Increased use of Robolitics™ in financial institutions will directly result in increase of individuals on Dokstor app. The more users on the Dokstor app, the more compelling the adoption of Robolitics™ becomes for organisations.


Heliocor is uniquely positioned to create the ecosystem. Combining our two flagship products, Robolitics™, a real time ultra-high volume transaction monitoring platform; and Dokstor, our KYC and Digital Identity app makes it exponentially more difficult for an identity to be impersonated.

The Digital Identity Owner will sit at the heart of the ecosystem in which various actors will use Helio tokens to prove and validate identity. From the basic ‘proof of who I am’ this grows to proving Academic, Fiscal and Citizenship status and on to many potential value adding services.

Parts of this ecosystem may exist with different vendors. No other vendor across the globe has a platform and proven integrated solution as advanced as Heliocor.

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